EHR Education & Training

The most important fact you should know in regard to education and training is that Arete Healthcare Services offers unlimited training at no additional cost to the quoted start up financial investment for the enCompass product. Additionally, Arete implements our product in stages. Our research has found other EHR companies only offer 1 week of face to face training at high cost. We avoid forcing you to learn an entire system in such a short amount of time; therefore, Arete eliminates your need to reduce schedules and causing a negative financial impact on your practice.

As most of our clients have been geographically convenient to our office, our typical training process involves extensive on-site training. While on-site training is not available for every client, we collaborate with clients to form a partnership. Our goal is to make our EHR solution simple and with as few obstacles as possible. Our team is flexible as we focus on how we can better service our clients.

As the training operations cease, on-site support can be available for assistance as your office brings on new employees to your team.

Video tutorials serve as a second training and support tool. While manuals provide clear written instruction, videos have been proven more efficient for training intentions. Demonstrating how to use EHR features via video is a quick, flexible, and a cost-effective way to support the EHR application. Video tutorials are also accessible 24/7 for assistance.

Our help team is also available by phone from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST. As we recognize some practices work earlier and/or longer hours, we do offer an extended hours phone support for phone support for extended hours at an additional cost.

We also offer support services via electronic messaging tools. Our team is available via email, messaging through the EHR, and remote connection communication. All forms of support are designed to evaluate the clients request and streamline a resolution. We recognize the desire to request enhancements or problems you have utilizing the EHR. Our support form connects directly to our tracking system in which we monitor and manage client requests.