EHR Implementation Process

Arete strives on streamlining the transition from your current workflow to one that utilizes our EHR. We work with companies who host updated technology as well as offices who do not currently use the internet. Our team is available to help your office regardless of your current status.

Free hardware analysis, specification and budget preparation

After the proposal has been accepted, the implementation process will begin. First, our experienced hardware technicians are available for site visits. These technicians will assess the offices current hardware including but not limited to computers, scanners, and cameras. Our technicians will refer to our minimum hardware specifications (see below) and then advise the office with their assessment. If hardware is required to be updated our team will manage the purchase and order of the hardware and, if necessary, deliver it to your office, and install the equipment. Our team will ensure your office is supported with top-rated technology as you prepare for the learning process.

IT Services Include:

Following hardware installation, our team creates a time line of when your office is available and ready to proceed with EHR training. *See the education & training for diagram. Training typically begins with learning the enCompass interface. First, users are oriented to electronic patient demographics, patient virtual charts and filling ePrescriptions. We find that beginning EHR use in these three areas gives the users opportunity to familiarize themselves with our application without feeling overloaded with new technology. When the client begins to establish a comfort level with our EHR, your training representative will proceed to educate users on the other EHR components. The overall time frame is on a per-practice basis and is determined by availability and eagerness.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP
Memory Size 2 GB - 4 GB
Processor Brand/Class Intel or AMD Dual Core
Monitor Display 1024 * 768
USB Ports *Pending peripheral applications
Network Connectivity Broadband/WAN
Internet Browser Mozilla Firefox