EHR Features


Communication between physicians, office staff, and the patient is vital when maintaining a high level of quality patient care. enCompass supplies numerous communication features that prove why our EHR improves the clinical workflow and infuses the culture of the practice.

Messaging Center:

Real time correspondence including messaging and task assignments

Integrated into our EHR product is a secure internal messaging center. We understand the need for real-time interchange of information; thus, we provide every client, at no additional cost, with the opportunity to use this e-mail like feature to enhance communication while protecting ePHI. The messaging center provides management tools to document communication between the patient and their health record as well as inner office messages. In addition to basic messaging capabilities, this feature also streamlines refill requests & tasks.

Lab Interfaces:

Streamlines results being reported, viewed, and acted upon

Attaches directly to patients chart

Decrease in misplaced or misfiled results

Offices know how cumbersome paper results can be. In alliance with the go green movement, enCompass renders lab interface technology which streamlines patient results. With lab interfaces such as LabCorp and Quest, your office will receive electronic copies of the results that connect directly to the patient's virtual chart. When results are transmitted into our EHR they are also immediately sent to the pre-processor who can review the result and forward the test to the appropriate provider. With this technology there are less mistakes made as our EHR provides an excellent results tracking system to which you can better your patient-physician relationship. The best components of lab interfaces are that the labs typically pay a portion, if not entirely, for you to implement this technology with our EHR.

* Data is accurate as of Summer 2011

Direct Messaging:

Integrated system using SureScripts Direct

Include patient Summary of Care documents and transmit referrals electronically per Meaningful Use specifications

Communicate securely, using the combined power of enCompass and SureScripts


Easily manage patient whereabouts

Integration with the practice management system

enCompass does not exclude any office staff member from reaping the benefits of the EHR. Clerical workers are able to manage patient whereabouts by tracking their visit from the moment the patient is scheduled, has arrived in the waiting room, has been taken back to the exam room, and all the way through checkout. enCompass also uses image technology tocapture each patients image so front desk staff are able to facially recognize and verify patients. In return, a more personalized experience at the office is maintained for each patient. With a more efficient workflow, every employee at your office has the ability to make each patient feel care recognized, validated and safe as their health records are being taken care of.

Nurses, midwives, physician assistants and physicians will utilize the EHR the most. In addition to enCompass's communication features, a couple noteworthy features that will make your job more cost-effective include: ePrescribe, electronic orders and requisitions, template forms, template diagrams, clinical decision support alerts, drug-allergy & drug-drug interaction checks, and patient education.


One click refills

SureScripts certified technology

Send split prescription to both retail & mail order pharmacy

Electronic prescriptions are secure, reliable and legible. The hassles of hand writing and faxing prescriptions are eliminated with ease of refilling and transmitting prescriptions electronically through our EHR and our ePrescribing partner, SureScripts. With the proven connectivity, users can expect a smooth integration of ePrescribing into the daily workflow. Managing patient's medications are simplified and completed faster with the use of enCompass and Surescripts certified technology.

eOrders & eRequistions

Following up on patient tests ordered is quick and always tracked appropriately

Higher accuracy of patient documentation

enCompass 3.0 features a tracking system for patient orders such as x-rays, mammograms, and biopsy's. eOrders allow for better maintenance and tracking abilities of when tests are ordered. Most important, this feature is able to track the corresponding test result report as it would complete an order. Being a provider, you are aware of how many tests are ordered and/or recommended to the patient that are not fulfilled. Our system will allow you to monitor when patients do not act on recommended tests, including refusals. Your records will be more accurate and will aid you in counseling each patient.

Forms and Diagrams

Template use makes documentation seamless, quick, and consistent across the entire patient population

Diagrams, images, and forms attach directly to patient encounters

Aide text documentation for clear understanding of patient healthcare

Arête Healthcare Solutions recognizes the need for customizable features depending on the specialty of your practice. Our forms and diagram templates are created to better suit each specialty type. For example, as dermatology practices require facial and body diagrams to maintain quality patient records, enCompass provides diagrams which can be marked and saved. Podiatry specialists have the ability to access foot diagrams to help them with their documentation of patient encounters. If our database of forms and / or diagrams does not contain an image that will benefit your workflow our team will work with you to customize the desired component for your EHR needs.

In addition to diagrams, enCompass offers a feature known as a free text editor. This component of the EHR has been created to store common office notes such as excuse from work letters, workman's compensation forms, and commonly used referral letters.

Clinical Decision Support

Track patients with high or special priority conditions

Positive impact on the quality, safety & efficiency of care delivery

To ensure thorough health records are kept, clinical decision support alerts are implemented to support the provider in his or her health maintenance recommendations. As the stimulus plan was designed, EHR features demonstrate objectives to improve healthcare. Clinical decision support alerts are just one feature that will aid you and your practice in maintaining quality patient records.

Patient Summary

Simply, easy to follow layout displaying pertinent patient health information

Sleek design that is effortless to navigate and extract essential patient data

Every patient chart is organized in a clear structure. A static summary header displays patient demographic information that is often referred to. The bulk of the chart covers topics such as vitals, health maintenance, allergies, problem lists, procedure records, lab results, family history and social history. Most sections are available to be customized based on common medically defined entries. For example, family history can be defined into topics and subtopics for which you monitor. Another example is for obstetric practices who are provided a completely customized OB History section to monitor a patient during pregnancy. Call today to learn how Arête Healthcare Solutions can customize your EHR and mold the system to best represent your current workflow.

Document Organization

All patient records properly documented and stored in archiveable format

Separated into folders defined by each practice

Provides familiarity as it mimics the "paper world" organization technique

Another window within each patient chart serves as a document organization center. All documents, including both uploaded and electronically transferred documents, are listed by date and description name. The patient's archived documents can also be searched for by type of document or by "tab" as a physician would search through a chart in the paper world. Again, our EHR was designed to mimic the paper workflow as much as possible while implementing secure technology to protect ePHI.

Our EHR is also capable of running reports to ensure there are no outstanding documents awaiting physician review, signature, or action. We built our EHR to exclude loop holes that the paper world often revealed.

Vocal Recognition

Interacting with the PC requires less work

Dictation & documentation are completed quicker

New technology always presents itself with a slight learning curve. To ease the learning curve of our EHR we have developed a feature to make recording patient notes a little less cumbersome. Voice recognition technology allows a user to dictate an encounter. The enCompass application will convert voice commands into text. Incorporating the voice recognition software into our EHR speeds up the process of transcription, especially if a user is not computer savvy. While this tool is available, it is not a built in feature. You, the user, are given the option of how you dictate your patient encounters.

Patient Reminders

Patient Reminders

Full patient search for specific conditions

Electronically generated reminders sent to patient account through our portal

Faster communication efforts

Some patients visit the doctor's office frequently. Some patients are not as organized as they would like to be. Both scenarios result in patients forgetting about doctor appointments or tests that have been recommended by a physician. To help patients uphold their part in good health, enCompass has a feature that will create patient reminders. These reminders are pulled from patient lists created by reports that are client driven.

Drug-Allergy/Drug-Drug Interaction Checks

Alerts for an contradictions, major, moderate, or minor of drug-allergy/drug-drug interactions

Automatic CKO referencing provides accurate and up-to-date checks

When a patient is prescribed medications, there are two possible contradiction scenarios: 1) A newly prescribed medication may react with a patient allergy, and 2) Drugs can interact with other drugs which may or may not cause some type of reaction. To prevent any potential harm to the patient, Arête Healthcare Solutions's EHR system provides educational materials that check any possible interactions between drugs and allergies or drugs and drugs.

Patient Educational Materials

Create and manage practice-specific educational materials to deliver to patients via print or patient portal

Link to or upload educational material from other sources

As the internet has grown to be a general source of knowledge for most patients, we find it necessary to provide reliable education materials via the EHR to your patients. Patient education materials can be accessed and printed at the time of visit foryour patient's convenience. The physician can feel comfortable in supplying his or her patient with accurate reading material.